AK Ventures SPC

is dedicated to inform and educate about medical cannabis through professionally produced video series, with intent to purchase broadcast television time on major networks both locally and nationally while simultaneously launching our Online TV Network "Hmm Did You Know"!

"The Healing Power of Knowledge"

is a 30 minute monthly series airing on broadcast television to inform and educate mainstream TV viewers on cannabis, cannabis healing, and the emerging cannabis industry as a whole. Featuring interviews, topical discussions, politics, investigative journalism, health and sports medicine with cannabis industry notables.



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 TV Sponsorship

Join us in this unprecedented opportunity for the cannabis industry to support the end of prohibition and feature their company on mainstream television in a 30 minute modern day variety show that showcases the positive benefits of medical cannabis in a visually appealing entertaining way!

2. Cannabis Industry Commercials and Internet TV!

We are creating various spinoff series from the awesome content we film and will be sharing on our new Online Cannabis TV Network www.hmmdidyouknow.com

Each series will be divided into ten episodes, 4:20 each with two 15 second industry commercials for sale. Additionally, we will have AD Placement available. Our goal is to give your cannabis business the utmost exposure.

3. 420MEDIA is our official production company!