Kerri Accardi



Kerri Accardi is a passionate filmmaker and activist from New York who left December 10th 2013:

"on a mission to educate the world about Cannabis and help change laws after my Aunt Kathy, my best friend and mentor passed away. I believe she died because of fear, lack of knowledge, lies, and greed. I promised her I was going to do everything in my power to educate the world about cannabis so they didn't have to suffer and die like her." 

At the time Kerri left she knew one person in the industry who owned a collective in Northern California so she started there. She learned how to "grow cannabis, went to political council meetings, talked with lawyers, lobbyists, patients and more." In January of 2014 New York quasi- legalized through executive order and she felt compelled to start a video production company that focused solely on cannabis and hemp. "I wanted the world to see our beautiful plant as the miracle she is." Since that time Kerri has founded two companies, is aligned with pioneers and industry leaders in and out of the cannabis industry, has signed TV deals to produce multiple series, while simultaneously launching an Online Cannabis TV Network 

ALL with the intention to "educate the world about cannabis and help change laws. My Aunt Kathy gave me everything in life, in her death she's given me purpose." Kerri has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.